Floor Sanding Prices


Floor Sanding Costs in Dublin

Bringing old floors back to life.

Varnishing & Staining

We can either varnish your floors and give them our as good as new look or we can colour wash your floor to whatever colour you like, call us for some ideas and we can show you some of our work completed if your bored of your current tired floors.

Restoration & Repairs Dublin

If you have a floor that requires a full restoration on repairs we can make sure your floor is brought back to our as good as new look. We compete full restoration and repairs as well as installing pre-used flooring if you would like a more vintage or older look to add to your period flooring.

Floor and Sanding Prices in Dublin

It is agreeable that hardwood floors will remain beautiful for almost 20 years, then it will start looking aged and show signs of discolouring, dullness and scratches will appear on the surface of your floor.

In order to bring back that “as good as new” look, it will require regular maintenance. It is always good to hire the services of seasoned professionals companies to do the work for you.

In Dublin city, floor sanding prices are usually estimated on a per square meter cost. This standard is followed by all the companies in the region whether it is Dublin, limerick or Waterford, most professionals will cost it on a per square meter.

The Average price of floor sanding in Dublin

What can you expect to pay around an average of 20 euros’ per square meter. This cost is for sanding only and any repairs and add-on work would usually be extra.  This usually includes all materials and labor, full floor sanding and varnish finish usually two to three coats of varnish.  Check with your floor sander and if they can supply you with an option for the finish.  Some of the better companies will give you a choice of varnish finish.

12′ X 12′ Room Size Cost

A bedroom size of 12ft wide by 12 ft long is around 13 m2.(meters squares). This size room would cost approximately €300 on average for most floor sanders in Dublin.

How To Calculate The Size of My Room

Calculate the Floor Size of RoomsIf you are like some of the rest of us and don’t know how to convert your room size into meter square in order to work out the cost, see this guide here to converting your room size into meters square or if you want a faster method, simply go here to this calculator, enter the room size in feet and it will give you the meters square size so you can calculate the cost.

An average room size of 12ft by 12 ft is approximately 13 m2. So for a room size, 13 meters multiplied by an average cost of euro’s, would give an approximate cost of 200 Euro’s. This is an approximate cost assuming there was not additional add on costs like repairs etc. For an exact cost, give us a call now.

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